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LeadLife – Richard Brock Chairman and Lisa Cramer President

Tune in for another great show on how Leadlife’s Richard Brock and Lisa Cramer are changing how we look at Marketing Automation.  In this show you will hear, first hand, how organizations are using the power of Marketing Automation technology much more effectively than in the past.  You will hear how Richard & Lisa are helping companies capitalize on the the “Brawn” of Marketing Technologies through LeadLife’s unique “Brains” approach to lead and marketing automation.

Beyond marketing automation technology

At LeadLife, we power our marketing automation technology (a.k.a. the brawn) with lead management experts (a.k.a. the brains) to maximize sales opportunities for our clients.This unique blend of lead management technology and services has helped our clients achieve some impressive results:

  • Increase online and offline business by 150%
  • Increase in qualified leads by over 75%
  • Decrease in sales cycle from months to weeks
  • Increase in first call contact success rate by 85%
  • Decrease in cost of sales by 10% or more
  • Improve conversion rate of up to 3x

Results like that don’t come from just ready-to-use marketing software – nor do they come from isolated consulting engagements. These are results you can achieve with LeadLife’s full lead management solution.

We understand the pressures that marketing has, to produce ‘sales ready’ leads, get a significant ROI on lead generation campaigns, and to do all this with limited resources.

Our mission is to work with each client on a personal level to ensure each customer’s specific business objectives are met and/or exceeded. Our team strives to build lasting customer relationships with every client we bring on board, while providing immediate ROI and pipeline visibility.

Benefits of The Brawn

LeadLife’s Marketing Automation Technology
Based on our experience working with our clients, we designed our marketing automation technology to be powerful and flexible, yet practical for what you really need. Unlike lead management consulting agencies, who are at the mercy of their software vendors, we have the ability to design features based on our clients’ needs – giving you the optimum solution for your sales and marketing goals.

Benefits of The Brains

LeadLife’s Lead Management Specialists
Technology alone will not lead to more revenue, shorter sales cycles or decreased sales costs. It’s how you apply the technology to your business that allows you to truly benefit from what the solution can do for you. That’s why we bundle our technology with experienced Lead Management Specialists who help you develop and execute effective lead management strategies.

Ann Herrmann CEO and Orin Salas VP Sales – Herrmann International

It is said that we as humans only use 10% of our brain, and my wife will tell you that in my case, that is being generous.  But in this show we talk with two recognized thought leaders on the Brain and Whole Brain® Thinking, and how this approach may be able to help you access more of your Brain and how it is being used to enhance selling in today’s environment.

Tune -in to hear how you can help your sales organization keep from constantly playing catch-up in today’s shifting business environment, and rethink your approach to managing today’s complex sales challenges.  Herrmann International’s CEO, Ann Herrmann-Nehdi, and Vice President of Sales, Orin Salas, explore on this show, how the company’s Whole Brain® Thinking approach and Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument® (HBDI®) assessment are helping many of the world’s most successful organizations out think, outpace and outperform the competition.

Listen to hear:

  • How thinking preferences impact communication, learning and performance
  • Practical tips, based on what we know about thinking and the brain, for accelerating skill development of your sales team and improving their performance on a faster curve
  • How a Whole Brain® framework can easily optimize your entire sales organization from processes and training to leadership, coaching and customer interactions
  • Best practices from leading organizations such as IBM, Coca-Cola and Ultimate Software

To find out more on how to align your selling and sales management processes for flawless execution!  Download a complimentary white paper, Achieving Higher Levels of Sales Performance, click here.   In this piece you’ll learn more about using Whole Brain® Thinking techniques to ramp sales people up faster, grow top-line revenue, reduce the sales cycle time, and expand your competitive advantage.

Also please join these thought leaders for an Executive Briefing to find out how you can align your sales performance strategies with what lies at the root of the buying decision – thinking – to get better sales results in an increasingly competitive environment.

Click here for to register for this complimentary event on Oct. 18th.

Until next time, Happy Selling

Victor Bergonzoli CEO Dartfish and Gregg Kearney Partner Kerow Group

This show appealed to my selling funny bone and my geeky side.  Our guests on the show truly brought some unique perspectives to selling in this digital age.

Victor Bergonzoli CEO of Dartfish shares his experience in leading and selling the worlds leading Video training platform.  Victor shares some great stories on some truly memorable sales meetings when he first started selling here in the US after predominately working throughout Europe.   Dartfish offers an exciting Video solution that supports coaching, predominately athletes, but making great strides in supporting the use of video in various corporate coaching and training scenarios.  Victor and the Dartfish team were headed over to the London Olympics at the conclusion of our show so wishing Dartfish happy Dartfishing in London.   And do listen to learn what it takes to sell to a CEO, Victor offers some first hand pointers on what is takes to get his attention and keep it!  Some very valuable perspectives on this show.

Gregg Kearney, Partner in The Kerow Group, shared some information on the selling of Digital Media that is a must know of all Sales professionals. His background and experience from Deloitte to CNN offers our listeners a chance to hear from a Selling Machine, someone who has been there and done that.   Not to mention some of the truly funny stories that are part of everyone’s selling experience.

Tune in, listen and I guarantee you will walk away invigorated, and prepared to hit the ground selling.

Until next time – Happy Selling!

June 22, 2012 – Anne Stevens CEO SA IT Services, Chris Combs CEO CoreGuard and Stephen Gilkenson of Savant Group

Well folks I think we have out done ourselves on this particular show!  The Guests were dynamic, the topics compelling and the exchange of ideas and perspectives informative.

We start-off with a Anne Stevens, CEO of SA IT Services , an up and coming organization here in Atlanta.  Anne also brought some a rather unique perspective to the show as the former COO of Ford Motor company.  Yes you read that right , Ford Motor company and was also instrumental in authoring “The Way Forward” plan, that kept Ford from having to take bail-out monies from the federal government. (unlike GM and Chrysler).

New to the Show but perhaps not his last time on the show, was Mr. Chris Combs, COO of SA IT Services and President & CEO of Coreguard.  Chris is one of those rare executives that has the DNA of Sales Guy but with the attention of detail & follow through that you would normally only find in operational purest.  And while his counsel to up and coming Sales Professionals is not something I might endorse, the perspective and insights he offers are well worth at listen.

Again another first timer on the show is Mr. Stephen Gilkenson but anticipate this may not be his last on the show.   Stephen, as an executive search consultant, brings to this show a great look into what organizations are looking for in top sales people.  Additionally, with his work as an Executive advisor at the Atlanta Telecom Professionals (TAG), and founder of the Association Sales Professionals and Sales 2.0 Best Practices professional discussion and networking groups with a combined 12,000+ members and growing rapidly, he shares how to leverage Social tools in all your business development efforts.

So if you are looking to figure out how to sell to and work with high powered CXX’s this is the show to listen to.

Happy Selling!

May 25, 2012 Rich Simons of Edge Business Systems – Rick Reynolds CEO Ask Forensics

Tune in to this great dialogue with two business leaders that are sure to get you asking how you might run your business better.

Rich Simons, Principal of Edge Business Systems shares the secrets of success in selling in an industry that is known for being very commoditized  with a high level of turn over.  Rich and his organization, Edge Business Systems, have turned their industry upside down  changing the way Document management is done today.

Rick Reynolds, CEO of Ask Forensics, will blow you away with how he uses a “forensics” type approach to finding both you selling blind-spots and the keys to fortifying relationships with your most strategic and key accounts.  In this age of “Social Media” where the new marketing really is customer service, hear the lessons that Rick has learned while helping his fortune 1000 client base improve their sales and support processes.

This yet another show that is not to be missed!  Happy Selling!


April 20, 2012 – Joe Wilson CEO Performance Improvement Group : Christine Rozman Principal The Business Revisionists : Mike Scher President Frontline Selling

Three guests make for a fast paced and incredibly informative show so this is sure to become a favorite.

It may be Common Sense, but that doesn’t mean it is common practice!  A Joe Wilson-ism that you can take to the bank.  We have had alot of really great sales thought leaders on this show and I gotta tell ya that Joe’s no nonsense approach to creating a world class selling organization is not to be missed on this show.  Joe Wilson CEO of Performance Improvement Group shares some ideas that are sure to make an impact in your day to day selling life.

Christine Rozman, Principal of The Business Revisionists a group dedicated to helping clients “get them from where they are to where they want to be“, brought to the table an Change Management Perspective that made the show just a joy to experience.

And last but by no means least Mike Scher, President of Frontline Selling, rounded out our show with great insights on how to get engaged with your prospects no matter what.  He confirmed that one of the biggest issues facing sales organizations today is identifying net new sales opportunities.  And that one of the main causes can be traced back to the fact that the sales organization don’t effectively engage in enough meaningful business conversations with the right people at the right level in order to uncover those opportunities.

I am proud to say that this is another great Atlanta Sales Talk Radio show, so tune in and be informed.

Happy Selling!


January 27th 2012 – Paul Shiman CMO Advocate Networks

Yet another great Atlanta Sales Talk Radio show and well worth tuning into. Paul Shiman Cheif Marketing Officer of Advocate Networks shares some perspectives that will bring great value to your selling efforts.

Besides Paul being on top of all the latest developments in things Marketing and Sales, he has had some experience as a buyer and shares some critical insights that we,  in the Selling profession,  absolutely need to be aware of.

A great show so listen here or download and listen later, but either way listen to what Paul has to share,  it could be the difference between winning and losing.

Until next time, Remember everyone is in Sales and Happy Selling!